I wanna hold your hand


Photo Credit:keshet via Flickr

Just like the Beatles song "I wanna hold your hand" Saturday is Same Sex Hand Holding Day, our silent revolution.
A UK site "A Day In Hand" has set September 26th aside as silent LGBT revolution - hand holding.  As they say on their site: "You don't have to fight to change the world.  Promote love and equality by the simple act of holding hands."
As you're out and about this weekend with your sweetie, grab their hand prouldy as you walk down the street.  There's no need to shout it out, there's no need to make a big issue of it, there's no need to hold a sign to shout out that your queer, just do what feels natural.
Personally, I love holding hands with my boyfriend, and I love to see other same-sex couples holding hands.  When I first came out 20 years ago it was the one thing that I really missed, not being able to hold my sweethearts hand in public.  I enjoy the feeling of interwined fingers and watching peoples reactions when they see us, when they're reminded that they're not the only ones here.
There's no better statement to make than "We're here, we're queer and yes, we're holding hands!  So what's the big deal?"
While you're out this weekend, grab your partners hand and share your love.  And if you have your camera and you run across some other gay couples holding hands, take a picture and submit it to the 'A Day In Hand' website, there's only one photo from Chicago!

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