Hollywood Beach to finally get new bathrooms

We all know that the bathrooms at Hollywood Beach are outmoded, well outmoded is being nice, they're disgusting.  But starting later this fall construction is going to start on a new comfort station.

Earlier this week State Rep Harry Osterman hosted a Town Hall meeting where he revealed the plans for a new comfort station that is set to be built at Hollywood Beach (aka Osterman Beach).  Finally you won't have to cross your legs or pee in the lake when you spend the day at the beach.


The new station will consist of 2 restrooms, a family restroom, a state of the art lifeguard station, a concession area, an outdoor shower, bike racks and picnic area.  It will be nice not have to go home to use the bathroom and it will be great to be able to get a snack or a drink as well.

Officially it's a "comfort station" and not a "beach house" because it does not include indoor showers and locker rooms.




The city wants to disturb as little of the existing landscaping as possible, so the new station will be placed where the lifeguard trailers are placed each summer, just north of where the existing bathrooms are located.  They will be able to draw off the current utilities and the existing bathrooms may be repurposed into some type of rental business, perhaps chairs, umbrellas or even bikes.



Also the station will have security cameras installed and it will be the first building in the Chicago Park district to be connected to the city's Office of Emergency Communications network of cameras.  The cameras won't be monitored at all times but will record for a 30 day period and can be reviewed if necessary.

Now I can't wait for beach season to start again!

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