Gay penguins get married on NBC

Last nights premiere of 'Parks & Recreation' starring Amy Poehler was hilarious.  I just happened  to stop on NBC last night as I was flipping channels and boy am I glad.

The episode featured Poehler re-enacting an entire Fresh Prince Song - a capella I might add - and then featured two penguins getting married in the zoo!  Lady Gaga made somewhat of an appearance as Poehler sang Poker Face while DJing a the local gay bar, The Bulge, where she became a celebrity for endorsing gay marriage.  Seriously though...The Bulge....for a gay bar?!?
I think NBC likes us!
After the jump you can watch the full episode if you missed it.....pp-pp-pp-poker face!


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  • Such a good show, and an excellent premiere episode. Of course, that means it will probably be cancelled. Knope rocks Pawnee.

  • In reply to feliciacago:

    I missed the entire season on TV last year and now I need to catch up on Hulu! I never realized I liked Amy Poehler so much as I can't stay awake to watch SNL.

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