Chicago just can't get enough Kathy Griffin

Victoria Lamarr and Kathy Griffin

Photo credit:Fausto Fernos via Flickr

Oh I just love me some Kathy Griffin and apparently all you flaming homosexuals out there love her too, because they just added a FOURTH show when she visits us next week.
I already have my tickets for Friday night, but if you've been remiss in getting your own tickets you can finally get some.  They've just added a show on Sunday, October 11th at 8PM.
Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow (9/11) through Sunday (9/13) and then they go on sale to the general public.  You can get in on some of that presale action by going to this link and using the promo code of HCKATH
Tickets range from $49.50-$69.50 (plus Ticketmaster fees - of course).

Kathy was on Jimmy Kimmel live last night and she released her new film based on Kate Goselin - too funny!

I wonder if Kathy will be bringing Levi Johnston with her to Chicago - allegedly they're dating - or at least that's what she wants everyone to think. 

Are you going to see Kathy? Have you seen her live before? What's your fav schtick that she does?

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  • Now all the gay guys that aren't going to Washington DC to march for our rights will have something to do. Hope they have a good laugh.

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