But banned books have the juciest bits


I stopped by the Gerber/Hart Library this weekend to take a look at their collection of "Banned Books" that they have on display this week.

Banned Books week started quietly on Saturday and runs through Friday and Gerber/Hart has about a dozen books on display that have been banned.  Along with the books they include listings of where and why the books were banned.  The one that surprised us the most was Alice Walker's The Color Purple, it had been banned dozens of times.

If you haven't been to the Library it's really easy to get to.  Just hop on the Red Line, get off at Granville and you'll find the entrance to the Library just a few doors west of the station entrance.

so you want to be a lesbian.jpg

They have a lot to offer too, we took a walk through the stacks and I was amazed at the collection of LGBT themed books, movies, DVD's, and CD's that they have....it's astonishing.  They also have a perpetual book sale going on in the front of the store - we picked up a few interesting titles like the one in the photo.  I even picked up a VHS copy of Shirley Valentine starring Pauline Collins for a quarter!

Membership to the library starts at $40 and gives you full lending rights to their collection - which includes (I think) almost every gay movie EVER!

So head on up to Gerber/Hart Library and check out the banned books display and the rest of the collection - you'll be surprised at what's been banned.


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