Will Star Gaze fade from Andersonville Gay scene?

star gaze

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet

I just found out that the lesbian bar Star Gaze in Andersonville may be closing.

Although I've never been there, I'm saddened to hear of the potential loss of bar that's ust for women.

A few weeks ago at a ChicagoNow meetup I was talking with Trish Bendix (who writes The L-Word Blog) regarding the lack of places for lesbians to go and call their own.  Yeah there are a ton of bars for  gay men, but the number of bars for lesbians is severely limited.

A neighborhood blog is saying that Four Shadows Tavern & Grill is looking to take over the space currently occupied by Star Gaze and turn it into another 'bar and grill.' But they're saying that there may be problems getting a new liquor license since the there is a moratorium on new liquor licenses on the east side of Clark Street from Balmoral Avenue to Bryn Mawr....Star Gaze falls right in the middle of that space.

I don't know how I feel about this change?  Granted I've never been in Star Gaze - only because I knew it was Lesbian Bar and I was told by my friends that they really aren't "all that friendly to gay boys" so I never stuck my head in the door to say "Hey Ladies!" 

There seems to be either a "love it" or "hate it" attitude with some of the patrons as well, the reviews on Yelp are sorta hit-and-miss, it's only got 2.5 stars out of 5.  

Regardless though, I would hate to see any venue that caters predominantly to Lesbians close - there's only so many places for the Ladies can go.  Plus does Andersonville need another 'Bar & Grill'?  I can think of a handful of 'bar & grill' type restaurants that already dot Clark Street, do we need one more?

What do you think about Star Gaze possibly closing?  Happy?  Sad? Glad to see it gone?


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  • When you get out of Women's Prison they give you a token for a free drink at Stargaze.

  • In reply to MarcFelion:

    See, those are always the kinds of stories I hear about Star Gaze!!!!

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