What's your favorite John Hughes movie?


John Hughes died earlier today at the age of 59.  Growing up in the 80's I vaguely remember his movies! 

I grew up in the country and the closest movie theater was more than 20 miles away and there was only one screen, so I didn't see a lot of movies, instead I knew about a lot of movies.

It wasn't until I moved away from home and VCR's became popular that I fell in love with John Hughes.  I'm embarrassed to say my favorite movie of his is "Baby's Day Out," and not because it's a classical masterpiece.

No, it's because the first time that I ever visited Chicago - we watched them film several scenes from that movie right by our hotel. 

I know, technically, it's not his film because he didn't direct it, but he wrote it, so to me that's still a John Hughes film. 

So what's your favorite John Hughes movie?


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  • My friend Frank had one line in "Baby's Day Out." He and I were admirers and students of the legendary Improv Guru, Del Close. Frank says that Joe Pantiollano and he were discussing improv and suddenly Joey Pants says, "Del Close is teaching you. Hey Joe (Mantegna), you know Del. (J.M. nods "yes") Yeah Del, he shot my first wife with her first heroin trip back in Frisco"

  • My Condolences to his family, I loved some of his movies especially the breakfast club, Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Definitely his movies defined a generation as well as gave us plenty of chuckles. For all his fans I have collected some good sites and articles (more than 250 sites ) related to his latest news coverage, biography, Movies, Movie Quotes and Interviews. If you are interested take a look at the below link

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