Westboro Baptist Church reign of hate starts in Edgewater


Photo Credit: Michael Lehet via Flickr

The Westboro Baptist Church reign of hate has started in Chicago.
As I reported earlier this week, the Westboro Baptist Church has set it's sights on Chicago once again, only this time they're targeting the Jewish Community.
And that community is not standing still just waiting for it, I drove by the Emmanuel Congregation at 5959 N Sheridan to see what was going on - and the turnout to counter protest was amazing!

The Church is starting off in the Edgewater neighborhood, then moving to to Uptown and then finally downtown.

Here are some photos of the protest taken by my Twitter friend @VeloVixen

Westboro Baptist Church Counterprotesters

Photo Credit: @VeloVixen


Photo Credit: @VeloVixen


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  • Okay, I really don't get the "Fag Xmas" sign. It seems like they are more focused on the actual act of sex than anything else. I'm so lost. I guess I'm not supposed to get it since hatred is irrational anyways.

  • numbers were just not on their side, were they. Thanks for the video Michael. Please don't get arrested.

  • @Marathon Man - I agree, it doesn't make sense to me either, but then I'm not in the same mindset that they are!

  • @Fernando - Oh don't worry I won't. And the ONLY reason that I was videoing and driving was because traffic was almost at a standstill, otherwise I would never do anything like that!

    It will be interesting to see if there are any reactions from the rest of the protests that they have scheduled around the city.

  • This is very troubling for the community, but it is there First Amendment right to be as STUPID, PINHEADED, MYOPICALLY NARROW-MINDED as they want to be, I guess.

  • Thanks for the video! I remember watching you drive by (and if you watch closely, you see me in my pink jacket.)

  • @vaughn - you're correct, it is their First Amendment Right to say such things, and it's the communities right to do exactly what they did in response! I don't agree AT ALL with what they do, but I do agree that they have the right to do it - as do all citizens. I think if anything, the Hate that WBC attempts to spread does the complete opposite because it ends up bringing communities together.

  • @Leahjones - I'm so glad that you were able to get a big group of people out. What was the crowds reaction to the WBC bringing their children along?

  • In reply to MichaelLehet:

    We brought our children, too.... I mean people on our side brought their kids, I'm still just an aunt.

    That's part of having a belief system, that you share it with your children.

    I'm sad for their kids - that they are being brought up in such a hateful environment and being dragged around the country to preach hate.

  • In reply to MichaelLehet:

    I wouldn't worry too much about their kids. They have their own kind of fun!

    Of course, I have a different take on WBC and I think she does this country a great service by pointing out America's hypocrisy.

  • In reply to MarcFelion:

    Marc - I think it is funny that they used a purported "fags" music and dance moves - is that legal?

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