Thank goodness for Dr Ehrlich and Syphilis


The syphilis virus

100 years ago today, German physician Paul Ehrlich discovered the first chemotherapy drug - and it cured syphilis.  Ehrlich toiled for years to discover a treatment that would kill a virus but not kill the patient.

Syhpilis is on the rise in Chicago, have you been tested?  If you're not sure then you should check out the Get Tested Chicago site where you can find an FAQ as well as a list of testing sites at either Chicago Dept of Public Health Clinics and free (or) low-cost testing facilities.

Remember that syphilis is treatable and curable, so don't sweat it, get it taken care of.  If you do find out that you've been exposed to an STI you need to make sure to notify anyone that you have been with that you may have exposed to the virus.  I know it's difficult to have that conversation with someone but there's a new site where you can do it with an e-card.

Yep, an e-card.  Check out a new site that covers 9 cities, 12 US states and 3 international cities where users can go and anonymously send an e-card to a possibly infected partner. Now just as easy as you can send an "I'm sorry I missed your birthday" e-card, you can send one that says "I got screwed while screwing, and you may have too....get checked out"


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