Tell Live Nation to cancel entire tour of Reggae Hater

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There's been a lot of buzz on the web lately about the Jamican born reggae singer Buju Banton and his US tour which is to kick off in Philly on September 12 at the House of Blues. Banton's work has been characterized as "murder music" for his lyrics that call for the brutal murders of gay men.  We need to tell Live Nation that we won't stand for this type of hatred.
The Redeye blogged last week that The Gay Liberation Network announced last week that House of Blues/Live Nation had cancelled all scheduled concerts, but now the GLN is reporting that there are still concerts scheduled in more than 30 cities - only a handful of his concerts were cancelled.
Want to see for yourself why music like this should not be promoted, here are some of the lyrics from his "1990's hit Boom Bye Bye":
Anytime Buju Banton comes, faggots get up and run. Boom (gun shot) bye bye (Goodbye, as in you're dead), in a faggot's head. Rude boy don't promote any nasty (queer) man, They have to die...Send for the automatic and the Uzi instead. Shoot them, don't come (to help them) if we shoot them...If a guy comes near me, then his skin must peel. Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel.
Pretty, huh?  Just the type of person that we need here in Chicago, he's scheduled to appear at the House of Blues on October 1.  In addition he also has stops scheduled in San Francisco and Los Angeles - I wonder how he'll be welcomed there?
According to his Wikipedia page he was charged, but ultimately acquitted of charges that made against him in 2006 in regards to assault charges by gay men in Kingston, Jamaica.  As well, he signed a pledge in 2007 to refrain from performing or making homophobic statements but then later refuted he had made any type of commitment.
Last year the Canadian Immigration Minister was criticized for letting Banton in their country and giving him "a platform to incite murder."  Several of his concerts have been cancelled in the past and we need to make sure that these concerts are cancelled as well.
Sounds just like the type of performer that we need touring the US don't we?  Oh yeah, and if you didn't know, Live Nation also represents Madonna, Uz, Jay-Z and Shakira.  I'm all for letting people live their lives and listening to whatever music they choose, but when an artist outright calls for the murder of ANYONE, it needs to be stopped.

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