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Tell Live Nation to cancel entire tour of Reggae Hater

Photo Credit: riverblog via Flickr There’s been a lot of buzz on the web lately about the Jamican born reggae singer Buju Banton and his US tour which is to kick off in Philly on September 12 at the House of Blues. Banton’s work has been characterized as “murder music” for his lyrics that call... Read more »

Funniest unintentional police citation

Oops, there’s danger on the road.  Earlier this morning a tractor trailer that was hauling metal parts lost some of it’s contents.  You can read the whole article here. It’s too bad that cars got hurt, but the best part of the entire article though is the last line: The truck driver was cited for... Read more »

Police Committee Passes Resolution... Against Policeman

I wasn’t able to attend the 23rd District GLBT Subcommittee last night due to prior commitments, but I just got this press release from the Gay Liberation Network that I wanted to share with you: A Chicago police officer facing 20 federal civil rights lawsuits for allegedly targeting Lesbian and Gay motorists for false DUIs... Read more »

Question of the Day

Question of the Day: What did you do before cellphones? I’ve been getting a lot of responses on my Facebook page to this question – be sure to add yours. Subscribe via RSS: Subscribe via Email: Follow Michael Lehet on Twitter:

Make it a great weekend - Don't miss Cleve Jones

Was that all the summer we had?  Was two weeks enough for you?  Labor Day looms and the warm weather continues.  The outlook for the weekend is cool and breezy so make the most of it and get out there and have some fun!  THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 Start your weekend early by heading out to... Read more »

Cattle Call changes its tune

Last week I got a tweet update from @feastoffun that said: Cattle Call, the country western bar in Chicago just announced it’s going its no longer a country western bar! 2:47 PM Aug 21st from web And when I got Cattle Calls weekly e-newsletter, they sorta confirmed it but didn’t come out right and say... Read more »

VIDEO: The best fake pool ever

When I was growing up we had a pool.  It wasn’t one of those fancy inground ones, no, ours was a 4 foot deep above ground pool that my father installed next to a bank and built the deck on the bank so that it “appeared” to be an inground pool – but only if... Read more »

CONTEST: Create the National Equality March song

The National Equality March on Washington, DC is taking place on Sunday October 11 at 12PM.  This grassroots rally is marching on Washington to send a message that now is the time for equal rights for LGBT people.  A lot of planning is being done, but more needs to happen.  I just ran across a... Read more »

Michael Jackson's death was homicide

Photo Credit:frgdr via Flickr The LA Coroner has announced that Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide and that he had extensive amounts of the anesthetic Propofol in his system.   His doctor, Conrad Murray has already admitted to administering the drug to Jackson and claims to have been giving him 50mg per night for the... Read more »

Happy Wizard of Oz Day

Photo Credit:mysealia via Flickr 70 years ago today, after several years of production and changes in directors who reshot many scenes – The Wizard of Oz premiered. (Thanks to my friend David for pointing that out.)  And now for one night only you’ll get to see The Wizard of Oz like you’ve never seen it... Read more »