One step closer to seeing Levi Johnston pose nude

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First, Levi Johnston extended the offer that he would pose nude "if the money was right" on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, and now the offers are pouring in.
First Unzipped Media offered the father of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's grandson an opportunity to pose nude for their publication Freshman, but didn't really say how much they were offering.
Suddenly, there's another offer on the table - a video - and they're naming their price!

The producers behind the website (link NSFW) have extended an offer to Levi to pose in a "solo video" for their website to the tune of $25,000.  Considering that during the last census Alaska men have an average median income of around $50,000 he could make half of a years salary in what, 10-15 minutes - at the most!  That could buy a lot of diapers for his tot.

"I've always thought he'd make a good model for us. Decidedly straight and rugged, yet savvy enough to know exactly what he's doing," says Justin Clouse, owner of Bait & Tackle®, a Las Vegas based motion picture production company which runs amongst its sites.

"When I heard him say that he'd consider posing nude for enough money, I knew we had to make a tangible offer. $25,000 is a lot of money for an hour of his time, but I've been wanting to add a celebrity to's roster for a long time," Clouse continued.
You can check out the full letter that Clouse sent to Levi over at
Wade Howard, Director of Model Recruitment at Bait & Tackle, said, "It's an obvious fit. Our name's Bait & Tackle and he's a self-described red neck from Alaska. Now the only question is if he's got the ammo to shoot off a few rounds."
If Levi does follow through on his promise....will you buy the magazine that features him and watch his "solo video"?


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  • I've always thought he plays on our team.

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