Local lesbian priest could become next Bishop of Minnesota


Photo Credit: Episcopal Diocese of MN

A local lesbian Episcopalian priest has been nominated to fill vacant roll of Bishop of Minnesota.

Local lesbian priest, Rev. Bonnie Perry, pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church was recently nominated, along with two others, for potential assignment as IX Bishop of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Diocese, along with the Los Angeles Episcopal Diocese, are the first ones to test the waters of a recently lifted controversial policy that has lifted the ban on gays and lesbians in the ordained heirarchy of the church.

Perry who has been with All Saints' since 1992 has been pivotal in turning the church around from one that was losing congregants to one that is the 10th largest in the city.

The Minnesota Diocese has been on a search for a new Bishop since last year. 



The Church has been in a bit of a turmoil since 2004 when V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest, was apointed Bishop of New Hampshire.  Since then a moratorium has been in place against appointing openly gay and lesbian bishops.

Recently the Episcopal Church met in a General Convention in Anaheim, CA and adopted two resoluations that set in motion a way for openly gay and lesbian candidates to become bishops and the authorization for bishops to bless same-sex unions.

If Perry does become Bishop of Minnesota, Chicago will lose a strong power and voice in the community, but in return she will become a voice for many more!


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