Levi Johnston in the buff?


Photo credit: NY Daily News

Well, that's what the folks over at Unzipped media hopes will happen.

Levi Johnston, the father of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's grandson, has been in the media spotlight since last year and continues to enjoy it.

He went to the Teen Choice Awards with Kathy Griffin - uhm, didn't she used to date Steve Wozniak too?  I don't get that!  But apparently Johnston is a "cougar lover" by his own admission on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Towle of the blog Towleroad Twittered a question to Cohen for Johnston asking if he knew that he had become "something of a gay pin-up boy, and how he felt about it."  Surprisingly, Johnston was pretty clear in his answer he stuttered for a second and then said "I think it's great man. I like my fans, just another person."

Another question submitted by a viewer, right after that was whether Levi would ever consider posing nude - his response was "It's all about the money." 

So Levi is cool with having gay fans and he's even cool with possibly posing naked if the money is right, does that mean he's cool with being a gay pin-up model?  I wonder how his mother-in-law feels about that? 

Unzipped Media, publishers of Men, Freshmen and UnZipped just sent out a press release that they're calling his bluff.  They are officially extending an invitation to Levi Johnston for a cover story and a full nude layout in the pages of Unzipped magazine.

"We're thrilled by the opportunity of having Levi Johnston pose for Unzipped magazine," says Rick Andreoli, Executive Editor for Unzipped Media. "The gay community's outpouring of support and adoration for Levi Johnston has been loud and clear since he burst onto the political scene last fall. Now having learned of his desire to bare all for his fans and admirers, we've sent an official offer letter to his manager, Tank Jones, and eagerly await their response."

I don't know about you, but I don't read Unzipped, but perhaps if Levi Johnston poses nude, I might think about starting up a subscription.

Perhaps we need to start following Levi him on Twitter and encouraging him to do the full monty.

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