Lakeview citizens walk to 'Take back the streets'

boystown neighborhood walk

Almost 50 people gathered in the 7-Eleven parking lot at midnight on Saturday to join up with District 23 Police Commander Kathleen Boehmer and walk through the neighborhood to send a message to those criminals who are targeting Lakeview and Lincoln Park residents!

After an extremely emotional CAPS meeting last week, concerned citizens quickly collaborated to finalize and launch a Lakeview 911 Facebook page to help desiminate news to the community faster.  At the same time community organizers quickly put togehter an impromtu walk for Saturday night, to precede the already scheduled walk for next Friday.  With only a few days notice, almost 50 people gathered together to walk the neighborhood.



The walk started at Halsted, went south to Belmont and then the group divided into to groups with one proceeding to Clark and walking north while the other cut through Dayton and then met up with the group on Aldine where they proceeded to walk back to Halsted and then north to Hydrate.

While on the walk with the Police Commander it was obvious that the neighborhood was wondering what was going on.  People were asking what was going on and those walking used it as an opportunity to share the news about the recent attacks and to invite participants to a walk scheduled for Friday evening.  Several "calls" were put out during the walk, one of which involved someone using the power outlet by one of the trees in the sidewalk to charge their cellphone.  As well, several times during the 45 minute walk police sirens wailed and rushed down Halsted St, including an ambulance at one point.

Overall the walk was very well received and everyone felt great being able to walk around the neighborhood, en masse, and feel as though a message is being sent.  It's a start, and that's all that matters.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Another walk, which was already planned, will happen on Saturday morning, August 15th (Friday night) but instead of meeting at Midnight, the group will be meeting at 2AM and walking the neighborhood until 3AM as that is the more "active" time when crimes are apt to occur.

Here's a short video from the walk:


 Don't forget that another Community Walk is scheduled for this coming weekend.  Put on your comfortable shoes and get out and walk the neighborhood, meet your neighbors, make some new friends and send a message to the criminals that Lakeview does not welcome them.

  • What: Lakeview Neighborhood Walk
  • When: Saturday Morning 2AM August 15 - 2AM (actually
  • Where: Meet at 7-Eleven Parking Lot - Halsted & Roscoe
    Facebook Page


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