Lakeview 911 page now live on Facebook

lakeview 911 facebook group

During this weeks Beat 2331 CAPS meeting the community raised concern that the news about the current attacks were not being disseminated to the public fast enough.  The Police Commander had said that a Facebook Page was in the works, but it was not yet ready.

Well, someone took it upon themselves and decided not to wait for the police and started their own group.

The Lakeview 911 page on Facebook is now active and has more than 150 members since it was created late Friday afternoon.  The page is already filled with links to news articles, videos of people loitering and dancing on the street, and ideas from concerned citizens on how to take back the streets.

If you live in Lakeview, work in Lakeview or visit in Lakeview take the time to join this new group and become active in the community.

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