How was your Market Days?


Photo Credit: Northalsted Merchants Assoc

After weeks leading up to controversy over the VIP Section at the Horseshoe Casino Stage and a raise in the entry fee, how was your Market Days?
What performers did you like the most, like the least or just wish wouldn't be invited back next year?
Now that it's over, what is your opinion of the VIP Section - was it a good idea, a bad idea or a good idea gone bad?
What was your most memorable moment of the weekend?


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  • Didn't think the VIP area was worth all the fuss. I certainly wasn't paying $50 to get in there but didn't think the view from Halsted was all that awful either.

    Sixteen Candles was great as usual, and I was surprised by how good the Village People were. For some reason I was expecting them to phone in their performance but they actually seemed excited.

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