Hooray - full figured men are back in style!


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Thanks to an article in the New York Times, I'm suddenly hip!  And apparently, I terminated my gym membership at the right time as well.  Potbellys are back in style - and no I'm not talking about potbelly pigs, or those really yummy sandwiches.. I'm talking about potbellys on men.  According to the NYT they're back in style and they even have a nickname "The Ralph Kramden."   I guess that makes it sound better when you rub your belly and call it Ralph instead of Bud Light.

The article tries to draw the correlation of the appearance of overly muscled men to women entering the workforce.  David Zinczenko, editor of Men's Health said "Suddenly it became ore important than ever for guys to armor themselves," with the "complete package of financial and physical," to billboard their abilities as survivors of the cultural and economic wilds." 

Apparently before then, the only way men could impress women was by having lots of money in their wallets.

It's not all the women's fault though, they also blame President Obama because he works out, exercises regularly and looks good without his shirt on (even if he does wear Mom Jeans).  I mean jeez, if we can't compete with the President then I guess the only other way to go is the complete opposite way.

Who knew that all this time I thought I was being a rebel by not going the gym, but that I was actually in training to be the next "it boy"  Boy it's a good thing I hated going to the gym - and it shows!

The most interesting comment in the whole story comes from the editor of OUT Magazine on how he explains the Ralph Kramden for coming into style:"I sort of think the six-pack abs obsession got so prissy it stopped being masculine".  You know, I think he's on to something.  Sometimes the bigger the muscles the bigger the girl.  Sometimes it's also applies with dogs, the smaller the dog - the bigger the girl!  And even sometimes, if you're like me, the bigger the belly, the bigger the girl!  And no, I don't own a dog.

So if I'm reading it correctly the rise and fall of muscles was because women joined the workforce and men had to work out to show them how hot they were instead of how much they made; but then the gay men made it look prissy and since we can't compete with President Obama we might as well just lay back and let our bellys grow.

What the article doesn't discuss though is the health consequences of carrying around that extra weight....of course that's not important when you're trying to point out the next "trend" though, is it?

hat do you think?  It'll be interesting to see what porn looks like in the next year!


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  • HAHAHA this is great. personally the 6 pack will NEVER go out of style but i understand how that got a little too gay. i think going to opposite way though i extremely unnecessary. I love the guys that run with no shirt and rockin abs!! And i would like to thank them for deciding that it was to hot to wear a shirt!

  • In reply to ersc4:

    Especially the guys who run w/o shirts when it's not appropriate - they're just show offs...LOL!

  • Heh. I don't carry a six-pack, I carry a KEG. So nice to know that the ladies still enjoy the granite abs, even better to know that some accept the fact that I just don't have that many crunches in me! Besides, whatever happened to 'personality goes a long way?' lol

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    personality went out of style when Facebook came into fashion!

  • In reply to MichaelLehet:

    And I SO wanted to avoid buying the fancy sports car. lol.

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