Hey Hey - I'm on the Feast of Fun podcast!

Michael & Marc

Photo Credit: Fausto Fernos via Flickr

You need to go checkout today's episode #1039 of the Feast of Fun Podcast - and not just because I'm on it! 
You don't know the Feast of Fun?  Then shame on you (just kidding). Not only are they three time Best LGBT Podcast Award Winners, they're also Chicago Now bloggers and overall Social Networking and New Media mavens. Those workaholic boys put on a 5-day a week podcast right from their home studio in Chicago and we are lucky to have them as part of our community.  
In today's show we talk about the Great Nationwide Kiss-in, a hot underwear ad that's not so hot and we play with a whole bunch of instruments, but I'm not telling you who's instruments!
If you haven't listened to them, head on over there now.  Besides having little old wonderful me on the show, they've recently had some great interviews with Debbie Reynolds, Kristine W, other Chicago Now bloggers Cameron Esposito of Chilarious and more LGBT celebrities than you can shake a stick at.
During last nights taping I pulled out my video camera out and took some "behind the scenes" footage - click through to check it out!

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