'Great Nationwide Kiss-In' takes country by storm

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Same Sex-Kissing was the biggest thing going on in more than 50 cities across the country at 1PM CDT Saturday as gays and lesbians congregated in public places to make a statement about being able to kiss in public.

You can check out more details from the day and pictures here

More importantly though I wanted to share videos with you from Chicago, Santa Monica and San Francisco.  As more videos are posted I'll try to update this page and include them.  If you have pictures and or video that you'd like to share, please email me at michael.lehet@gmail.com


Here is my coverage from the Kiss-In held at Cloud Gate at Millennium Park.

Here is coverage from the San Francisco Kiss-in

Here is coverage from the Santa Monica Kiss-in


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  • Was the San Francisco made to bring tears to someone's eyes because it sure worked on me. I wish I could have participated in the Chicago Kiss-in, but I had to help my friend move in to her new condo. I am so GLAD to live in a place like Chicago where I can feel safe to give a little peck in public. Great Post!

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