Did Michael Jackson like his men on the hefty side?

Rumors are now floating around that Michael Jackson was a chubby chaser!
What was going on there at Dr. Arnie Klein's office?  I swear everything that ever happened to Michael at that office, isn't that where he met the unknown mother of his children?  Now, Jason Pfeiffer, who works at Klein's office is claiming that he was Michael's "secret lover."
Apparently their first date was when Michael asked Jason to give him a ride home....uhm, wait, Michael Jackson needed a ride?  
He goes on to say: "I guess our first 'date' was in my car. We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were 'nosey' as Michael put it. We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time. I thought nobody else knew, but have since discovered that others did surmise the truth. I've lost my soulmate. It's very hard to describe the loss I feel - but there is something that's empty in my heart."
Of course Michael isn't here to dispute this, but what do you think was Jason his secret lover?  Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson is not even buried yet!  First he went missing after the funeral, and then the family said that they were going to bury him on what would have been his birthday, but now they've pushed it back to September 3.  I wonder if they're going to bury him next to Marilyn Monroe and just needed the extra few days to get that other dead guy out.  I still have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Michael Jackson though.

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