Cleve Jones shares his story at Join The Impact event

Cleve Jones and Michael Lehet

Join The Impact Chicago held a fundraiser over the weekend which feature guest speaker Cleve Jones to raise awareness about the National Equality March in Wahington scheduled for National Coming Out Day, October 11.

More than 300 people gathered at the Victory Garden's Biograph theater to help raise money for buses to transport Chicagoans to Washington, DC for the march.  Join The Impact Chicago is planning on taking at least 2 buses to Washington.  The buses will leave town on Saturday evening getting marchers in Washington in plenty of time to join in on the rally and then plans on getting back to Chicago on Monday morning by 7AM.....whew, I'm just tired writing that!


It was inspiring to hear from Cleve, to hear his stories and his struggles and why we really need to all join together and march on Washington on October 11.  Several times throughout his speech the audience erupted in applause and Cleve was extremely receptive to the audience allowing time for an open ended Q&A session that had an audience member crying, and others calling out for activisim and involvement from everyone in the room.

I was able to get all of Cleve's speech on video, except for the Q&A session (it was too hard to hear the audience's questions and reactions) and each day this week I will post a new section of the video to help inspire you get to Washington in October.


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