Will queers boycott the VIP section at Market Days?

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A few weeks ago I posted an article about the new VIP Section at one stage during this years Northalsted Market Days.

Since then, several other people have been talking about this, including Jason Steele who took on this weighty topic in this weeks Boy on Boystown column in the Redeye; and GapersBlock has it on their radar.  Now it has come to my attention that there is now an official Facebook Group to Boycott the VIP Section at Market Days

**UPDATED** I went down to check it out, view exclusive footage here


Currently there are 431 members of this group and it appears to be growing and growing as we speak - and the community is not happy, from what I have been able to tell it appears as though this group was only created late Friday morning, it has really captured a lot of momentum in such a short period of time - indicating the communities dislike, or misunderstanding, of the proposed VIP section and it's cost.

There are lots of negative comments such as:

$50 is quite high even when the country is NOT in a severe recession, and i doubt any of these bands could justify that ticket price outside of a street festival gig in, say, a theatre with plush seating.

But there is a voice of reason with the crowd, Mark Iberson - owner of Hydrate chimed in with this information on the Facebook page:


I am not responsible for this fair (I do Pridefest... hope you were there!) but I can tell you that the two guys who organized Market Days tried to bring better talent and to supplement bringing this talent with a VIP section. So it may not have played out the way they intended, but I can tell you they had THE BEST OF INTENTIONS... its 25 FEET OF SPACE. In an area that holds a ton of people do we really need to debate about 25 feet?????

So my request... Please stop it. Fight for drugs for people affected by AIDS...fight for our rights... Do you really need to fight over this!

Market Days... Many of our favorite weekends of the year. Enjoy it!

So is this a marketing program gone awry or there something more to it?  I wonder who else will be boycotting the VIP Section at Market Days?




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  • Mark et al: While I can't say why others are joining the Facebook Group, my reasoning is simple. You say "Fight for drugs for people affected by AIDS...fight for our rights" -- but yet the $60 it takes to get into Market Days and the VIP section do neither. People spending that much money to walk down the street and hear second-rate music means they won't be donating that money to charities that DO fight AIDS and for equal rights.

    Where does the "suggested donation" go? In times when charity budgets and government grants are disappearing, is it really necessary for businesses, who hawk their wares all up and down the street, to make an extra 10 bucks at the door? I've never really understood the whole concept of paying a door fee to spend more money.

    Want to stop the tide? Instead of cashing in on people coming to Market Days at the door & VIP sections, donate that money to charity.

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