SEX+++ Film Series continues July 14th

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Since the beginning of the year the SEX+++ Film Series has been drawing audiences to the Southside to explore their sexuality.

SEX POSITIVE, pro-SEX, pro-QUEER, pro-KINK is what this film documentary series is all about, curated by Clarisse Thorn, each screening will focus on the positive, informative spin of human sexuality.  Screenings will cover everything from bisexuality, swinging, heterosexuality, polyamory and more.

This Tuesday you can catch a screening of "Filming Desire" (2000) - Female directors talk about the reality of an explicit women's point of view, the desire in their films to "fantasize and dream a new image of themselves", and how their depictions of sexuality and relationships are correctives.  Aspasia Bonaser a blogger at La Libertine's Salon will be the guest facilitator.

Continuing through October you can catch other films like:

- AUGUST 11: "Liberty In Restraint" (2005)
Profiling the life of fetish photographer Noel Graydon, this film gives Graydon's perspective on the BDSM community, describes some BDSM practices, and shows how he creates his photographs.

- SEPTEMBER 8: "Red Without Blue" (2007)
Chronicles the close yet sometimes strained relationship between rural Montana identical twins Mark and Alex as Alex undergoes a transformation into a woman named Clair.

and finishing the program with:

- OCTOBER 13: "We Are Dad" (2005)
Two white HIV-negative gay men have a family of five kids. Four of the kids have AIDS, three are black, two come from a backwater cult in Oregon, and one of the children has been in the middle of one of the most hotly debated issues in this country: gay adoption.

Check the site for a full listing of screenings.

  • What: SEX +++ FILM SERIES
  • When: starting July 14 thru October 13
  • Where: Jane Addams Hull-House Museum - 800 S Halsted
  • How Much:  Free

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