McDonald's offers recession buster prices July 15


I know where I'm going for lunch today - McDonald's!  I'm typically not one to recommend fast food for lunch, for some reason I'd rather have a sit down lunch and a hurry up dinner, but not today.

Today at McDonalds you can get a hamburger for $0.49 and a cheeseburger for $0.59, limit of 10.

Head on over to McDonalds for this recession buster and enjoy lunch - while you're there check out the rest of their Dollar Menu,  you could have lunch for under $3.00 if you work it right.

  • What: Cheap Burgers & Cheesburgers at McDonald's
  • When: Wednesday, July 15
  • Where: Your local McDonald's
  • How Much: Hamburgers, $0.49, Cheeseburgers, $0.59


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  • Limit *10*? I like my junk food as much as the next person but are there really people who can actually eat that many without doubling over in intense stomach pain?

  • Well, you could always get 10 and eat 5 now and 5 later...or share with a friend : -)

  • Ick. They never heat up right. Arby's is running deals on Wednesday too.

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