Forver Plaid finally hits the silver screen

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Photo Credit: Monta Elkins via Flickr

Forever Plaid is one of the Broadway shows that I've heard about forever but know nothing about?!?  It's been playing non-stop around the world for 20 years, but I know nothing about this show....conundrum, hmm?

I remember years ago a co-worker, who was really into Broadway talking about a local production, and yet I still know nothing about this show!

It's one of those shows like Brigadoon, you always hear it referenced but you really don't know much about it, it's sort of mytical and only appears every hundred years or so! 

They are doing something very cool to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this show - they've filmed the production and they're doing a one night only showing at a theater near you.

According to the site, Forever Plaid has been playing non-stop around the world for the last 20 years.  Everywhere from China to the White House and every where in between....but now you don't need to head to Off Broadway or scope out a local production of this show to see it.  Nah, now all you need to do is head down to your local movie palace. 

 A special production of this show was filmed and is going to be shown for one-night only at a local theater, you'll have the perfect seat and the perfect view.  One of the advantages of theaters moving to digital projection is that it is now easier than ever to bring one time movie events, like Forever Plaid - and enhance the experience.  In addition to a screening of the film, there is also going to be a red carpet pre-show, an introduction by the original cast, an after screening special one-time only concert and a sing-along portion...whew that's gonna be a lot of stuff going on.  This will truly be an interactive evening.  A friend of mine went to see the Met Opera a few months ago and said it was amazing, but it was nothing like this.

But, I digress...if you're into off-Broadway shows that are surrounded by myth; or into checking out the latest kind of interactive entertainment; then you should check out the Forever Plaid 20th Anniversary Special website to see where you can watch the special performance locally.

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