Chicago Spirit Brigade SHATTERS fund raising records!

Chicago Spirit Brigade Nettlehorst elementary

The Chicago Spirit Brigade with Nettlehorst Elementary Students

The Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) announced that during the 40th Annual Gay Pride Parade recently held in Boystown that they broke all previous fundraising events.

CSB, in it's 6th year, has always passed the bucket during their performances to collect money for an organization that supports the LGBT community. 

For an organization that started out with only a handful of members it has grown and morphed into an amazing team of three distinct squads: a flag troupe, a dance troupe and the cheer squad.  I had the pleasure of walking during the Gay Pride Parade with them, and all I can say is that it was the best pride ever - even if I did carry a sign over my head for two miles! 

The Chicago Spirit Brigade recently announced that during this years parade they raised the MOST MONEY EVER!  For example, during the 2008 Pride Parade they collected $2,808.04 and the largest donation check they have ever written was for $3,962.99 that they collected over a week's worth of performances during the 2006 Gay Games.  This year over the Pride Weekend CSB collected $4563.14, collecting more than $3,800 of that during the Parade alone.   All of the money collected will all be donated to the AIDS Run/Walk taking place on Saturday, October 3.

It's truly amazing and shows that the members of CSB are loved by the community and that they really put their heart into what they do.  That they can collect such a great amount of money from the parade during a recession!

CSB will be performing at Northalsted Market Days and during the Halloween Parade, so when you watch them - dig deep into your pockets because you know it's going to go to good use!

If you're not familiar with CSB, check out this hot video!


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