See you at the Parade!

Chicago Spirit Brigade

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet

I am so excited for this years Pride Parade!
Typically I'm on the sidelines watching all of the fun go by, but this year I'm going to walk in the parade with the Chicago Spirit Brigade.
I have a few friends that are members of the CSB and they've been asking me for a few years to come with them - but things just never worked out - but not this year.
CSB is an amazing group of guys and gals that truly love what they do and help raise money while they're doing it.  Everytime the CSB performs they carry their "spirit buckets" to collect donations - and 100% of the money they raise goes to a pre-selected charity for that event.  
So this year I'm donning my sneakers and proudly heading out with the CSB to have a fun and exciting Pride Parade.
I'll be looking for you!

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