New Hamspire legalizes Gay Marriage

Hooray!!  Another state down, many more to go!

I just found out that New Hampshire has become the 6th State to legalize gay marriage.  Before lunch the NH Senate approved a revised gay marriage legislation because Governor John Lynch said that he would veto it if it didn't have a clear designation that churches and religious groups would not be forced to officiate gay marriages or provide services to LGBT couples.
The revisions were made, the Senate voted - and passed it by a vote of  13-11 and sent it to the full House for a vote where it passed 198-176.
The Governor is expected to sign the legislation today!
Unfortunately for Illinois, SB1716 and HB2234 were stalled in this last legislative period, again, but since the budget did not pass there may be a call for a special session where the bill could get re-introduced.  If it doesn't then we may have to wait until November.

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