Farmer's Markets open 'up North' in Andersonville & Edgewater

Farmers Market

Photo Credit: thegeneration via Flickr

If you work downtown then you've probably had the chance to catch the Farmer's Markets at Prudential, Federal, Sears Tower and Daley Plazas....but now we've got some new Farmer's Market's up north!
Just this past week the inaugural Andersonville Farmer's Market kicked off at Clark & Berwyn to a roaring success as well as the seasons first Green Market in Edgewater.
Unlike most Farmer's Markets that occur during "business hours" when you're at work, the new Market in Andersonville is taking place from 4-8PM on Wednesdays.  Giving you plenty of time to get home from work, head on over and grab some delectable delicacies and make some dinner.
Head on over to Edgewater on Saturday mornings from 7AM-1PM to get some fresh fruits in vegetables to enjoy all weekend long.  I had a chance to stop by the market on Saturday morning and bought some oh so tender foccacia, some glazed nuts and even some delicious corn.  They also had something for the dogs and the art lovers as well.  The Edgewater Green Market takes place on Norwood at Broadway.
Here's a list of some of the Farmer's Markets that you can find in the city...this is only a partial list, fortunately you can find Farmer's Markets all over the city!
The downtown markets are open from 7AM to 3PM, Andersonville from 4-8PM and Edgewater 7AM-1PM


TUESDAYS Federal Plaza
TUESDAYS Prudential Plaza

WEDNESDAYS Andersonville Farmer's Market


SATURDAYS Edgewater Green Market

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