Are you prepared for Chicago's Gay Pride Parade on June 27

Pride Parade Spectators
Are you ready for this year's Pride Parade?
Last year it was estimated that almost 450,000 people watched the Chicago Gay Pride Parade - more are expected this year!
This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York and the LGBT Community has a lot to celebrate - we've come a long way since then, but let's make sure that we're all prepared and have a great time.
There have been a lot of changes to the parade rules this year as well as the addition of police barricades throughout the entire route of the parade.  Which means that you won't be able to join in the parade.  It also means that there's gonna be a lot less space on the sidewalk, so make sure that you get to the parade early and get to know your neighbor.
Pride Parade Altoids
Also, due to the crappy economy, the City of Chicago is charging for cleanup after the parade - so please clean up after yourself.  That also means that this years parade will more than likely be glitter and confetti free - can we really have a parade without glitter?  I guess we'll see!  But more importantly, let's do our part to keep Boystown clean.
But even with those changes, I know that this years Gay Pride Parade will be one of the best ever.  To make sure that you have a great time as well, make sure that you're prepared.
This parade is not for amateurs - that's for sure, it's the one day a year when everyone gets a chance to show their pride and to show their support for our Community, so make sure you're prepared to have the time of your life.
Here are some  'Do and Don't's to get maximum enjoyment at this years Gay Pride Parade.
  • DO: Arrive EARLY - The new barricades means it will be harder to navigate the huge crowd, and you won't be able to easily cross the street to meet up with your friends.
  • DO: Get a good night's sleep - Seriously, if you start partying before the parade you'll more than likely poop out before the last float rolls by!
  • DO: Wear Sunscreen - Theres never been a better excuse to ask the hot guy walking by "Hey could you put some lotion on my back?"
  • DO: Take Public Transportation - do you seriously think you'll find a parking spot in Boystown?
  • DO: Pick up your trash - remember, only you can prevent forest fires, so take your garbage with you.
  • DO: Drink lots of water - stay hydrated, if you're drinking alcohol it's even more important.
  • DON'T: Bring alcoholic beverages - the city says it's illegal and no one wants to get in trouble.
  • DON'T: Bring water guns/balloons - it's not fair the parade particpants can't defend themselves.
  • DON'T: Cross the barricades - don't play chicken with a parade float, you'll more than likely lose.
  • DON'T: Bring any illegal substances - there's going to be enough bright colors, hot bodies and music to keep you entertained.
Head on over to Chicago Pride Parade for more information about the Parade and the Top Ten Tips for Parade Spectators.
  • What: 2009 Chicago Gay Pride Parade
  • When: Sunday, June 28 - noon
  • Where: Haslted & Belmont to Broadway & Diversey 
See you at the parade!  I'll be walking with the Chicago Spirit Brigade so look for me!  I'd love to meet you.

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