Will Illinois get Civil Unions today?

The Illinois State Legislative session officially ends on Sunday and HB2234 which has been attached to SB1716 appears to be stopped in session due to Republicans stalling the bill by requiring the State Mandates Fiscal Note be filed before it moves forward.

HB2234, sponsored by openly gay State Representative Greg Harris, has now been rolled into SB1716 in hopes of getting voted through the system.

SB1716 deals 'Provides that when a person dies before an action is filed against him or her, a court may appoint a special representative for that decedent, against whom an action may be brought without opening an estate.' AND adds the verbiage Defines "civil union" as a legal relationship between 2 persons, of either the same or opposite sex, established in accordance with the Act. Provides that a party to a civil union shall be entitled to the same legal obligations, responsibilities, protections, and benefits afforded or recognized by the law of Illinois to spouses." 

According to an update on Harris' Facebook page around 1PM it looks like the stalling is over and they're back to business.

Now is your time to call your Representative and tell them that you support Civil Unions and that they should vote YES on SB1716

CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and tell them to vote YES on HB2234 and that you support Civil Unions!
  • Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago, 217-782-3835
  • Rep. LaShawn K. Ford (D-Chicago), 217-782-5962
  • Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago),217-782-1653
  • Rep. William D. Burns (D-Chicago), 217-782-2023
  • Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe (R-Chicago), 217-782-8182
  • Rep. Al Riley (D-Matteson), 217-558-1007
  • Rep. Dave Winters (R-Rockford), 217-782-0455
Don't just sit there...get on the phone and start dialing.
**UPDATE** 1:49 SB1716 has now been moved to Third Reading


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