Two must see films this week 'Every Little Step' & 'Outrage'

If you are not familiar with the Music Box Theater, then you definitely need to get yourself down there this week. There are two documentaries that you must see!

'Every Little Step' is a documentary film about the recent casting and North American revival of 'A Chorus Line.'  The show originally ran on Broadway for almost 15 years from July 1975 to April 1990 and had more than 6000 performances.  I'm happy to say that I was actually able to see this amazing show on the Great White Way in the late 80's and again in it's current revival that ran for almost 2 years.

A Chorus Line, directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett, tells the story of dancers auditioning for a Broadway show and the efforts and stories behind each of those dancers.  It
was made into a film in the mid-80's directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Michael Douglas.

The most recent revial of A Chorus Line has spawned, as it seems to do with almost everything nowadays, a Reality TV type film as the producers go behind the scenes to show what really goes on behind the scenes in the auditioning process.

You'll finally get a chance to see the REAL Chorus Line.

The second movie you need to see this week is Outrage, a documentary film by director Kirby Dick who investigates the hypocricy of gay politicans who remain in the closet and lobby for anti-gay legislation in the US.

Dick interviews out State Representative Barney Frank and recently outed ex-Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey to give the viewers a background on why politicans, who are gay, decide to stay in the closet instead of revealing their true selves.

He does turn his camera on two poingnant politicans though - the disgraced congressman Larry Craig from Idaho and current Florida Governor Charlie Crist, both who fervently deny being homosexual but have been caught in situations and innuendo that makes people wonder if they're actually telling the truth.

It's not Dick's intention to "out" politicians, instead it's to show that those who are hiding in the closet are causing more harm to themselves and their constituents by voting against measures that can help us all.

What: 'Every Little Step' & 'Outrage'
When: Through June 4
Where: Music Box Theater - 3733 N Southport
How Much: $9.25 per ticket/show
Check the site for a full listing of dates and showtimes

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