Find out who your Illinois State Representative is

Do you know who your State Representative is?  You really should, because it's time to pick up your phone and start talking.

SB1716  which contains the language from HB2234 that defines a Civil Union as a union between any two people is currently sitting at the State House trying to get passed.

I've been following State Representative Greg Harris' Facebook page for updates

It's important that you call your State Representative and tell them to support SB1716, tomorrow is that last day of the legislative session and if it doesn't get to the floor tomorrow, it may die and not make it to the next session!

If you don't know your State Representative, or Alderman for that fact, check out the Illinois State Board of Elections Search Engine

Here are some phone numbers if you already know who your Representative is:

CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and tell them to vote YES on HB2234 and that you support Civil Unions!
  • Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago, 217-782-3835
  • Rep. LaShawn K. Ford (D-Chicago), 217-782-5962
  • Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago),217-782-1653
  • Rep. William D. Burns (D-Chicago), 217-782-2023
  • Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe (R-Chicago), 217-782-8182
  • Rep. Al Riley (D-Matteson), 217-558-1007
  • Rep. Dave Winters (R-Rockford), 217-782-0455

This isn't the only place your help is needed, also check out the Gay LIberation Network that will be holding their monthly planning meeting this coming Wednesday, June 3 at the Gerber/Hart Library; or Join the Impact - Chicago who has organized a Marriage Forum to discuss the current situation on June 9th.

There is plenty for you to do...get out there and call your State Representative

Thanks to my friend Chuck for suggesting that I get this information out there.  If you have any tips, ideas or events that you need to get the word out for - let me know!  Just email me at:

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