While Streets Have Heat, the Longer School Day Can Have Peace

By Jose Cardenas
Hancock High School, Junior

Once the school day is over some students go home, some go to work, and then some stay on the streets. Students whose parents aren’t home or don’t have another place to go stay on the streets. Being out on the streets can lead to joining gangs to becoming a drug addict.

CPS is making the school day longer, but this extra time shouldn’t be used for more class time. The time should be used for electives that can help students for certain career paths such as mechanics, engineering, drafting, and culinary arts.

My 8th grade teacher once saw my friend throw up a gang sign. She made him stay after school and showed him the class photos of her previous students. Some students in the pictures had a red “X” over their faces. She said every student with an “X” had died due to street violence.

Chicago has been known for its corrupt streets since the infamous Al Capone. No one should want any more students in the arms of the violent streets. Once school is over, students become criminals, tagging on buildings, shop lifting at stores, and drinking under age. PR Newswire found that millions of children in this country are unsupervised and at risk after the school day ends.

Some people may disagree stating that extended math or reading classes will help a student’s career more but that will only overwhelm them and make them more stressed. Using the time for electives will give students an idea of what they might want to study in college. They’ll be working hands on so it’ll be less stressful and even relax some students and help them start a hobby. Students don’t want to go home and think about more numbers and words, but they would want to do something more active and engaging.

After school programs would help students stay off the streets and give them better options that would help them improve in academic areas. “Individuals will connect to after school programs and supports that enhance student success,” says Nations Cities Weekly. It shows the difference having after school programs can make in the community.


How do you think the extra school time next year should be used?

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