The Heat Too Good to Beat?

By Luis Quintana
Hancock High School, Senior

The Chicago Bulls are arguably the best team in the NBA. Some might say because of their team chemistry.  Some might say because of their ability to overcome injuries.  They have a strong record.

Many broadcasters have looked past the Bulls because they think the Heat are too good to beat.  27 of 20 broadcasters have counted the Bulls out of the finals.  Twenty-five out of 30 are predicting the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship.  Two  out of the 30 are predicting the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the NBA championship.  Chris Broussard has picked Miami to win.  He is an ESPN writer with a lot of respect from the ESPN world.

Although the Bulls are overlooked, they have the respect from all NBA teams.     The Miami Heat have one of the weaker benches in the NBA.  They added veteran Shane Battier to their team but he doesn’t have enough to bring to the table.  With the addition of veteran guard Richard Hamilton the Bulls have added a whole new element to their game plan.  He creates openings on the floor and lets Derrick Rose and Luol Deng operate.

The Heat will not be ready for that in a 7 game series!  This year Luol Deng is looking his best and was also named to the eastern conference all-star team.  The Bulls will have an easy play-off run until they get to the conference finals where they will face the Miami Heat.  They will get past the Heat in 7 games.  Then they will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the finals to be the NBA Champions.

Some people might disagree with me and say the Miami Heat Players can beat anyone without a good bench.  But the Chicago Bulls have the best bench in the NBA and will win that matchup any day of the week.

What recommendations to each team would you suggest?

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