No Homework Today! Or Any Day!

No Homework Today!  Or Any Day!

Alberto Gonzalez, HancockHigh School, Junior

One issue students of Chicago high schools have been complaining about for the past weeks is too much homework.   An August 8, 2011 USATODAY article  stated that teachers should “give the right amount of homework.  Overloading students with too much homework can be counterproductive too all.”  This is true because I saw teachers giving excessive homework, like if it was an easy assignment without thinking about the time it would take to do the assignment. For example, if for each class we get homework that will take 30 minutes to finish, and if there are seven classes, we do an average of 3 hours of homework each night.

Some students are just stressed out from falling asleep late in order to finish homework, instead of being prepared with enough hours of sleep to learn the next day.  Why is this happening? In an August 8, 2011 USA TODAY article it was said that “the research is consistent with a 10 minute rule, or about 10 minutes of homework each night for per grade,” but teachers are just not following this rule.

Teachers in many schools have tried to give students time in class to finish their homework.  However, there are occasions where students don’t finish their work at all because the time wasn’t enough.  Probably giving less homework to students will be beneficial to them because a September 11, 2011 Day to Day Article, declared that “kids spent many hours doing homework.  They can get good grades on the test as those who didn’t.”

People may reject the idea that giving less homework is beneficial.  On the other hand, they must admit that students are overloaded with homework and this can affect them.  Those who don’t do as much homework still get good grades.

In addition students well be able to do more activities, join clubs, or do sports, due to the fact that they won’t have to worry about finishing homework as much as before.

How do you defend your view in favor or against homework?

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  • I agree there is too much homework for most kids. Unfortunately, there is not enough emphasis on spelling and grammar which can be seen by reading the above post.

  • In reply to evan:

    Evan, I ran the spell check and re-read this. I don't see any misspelled words. Maybe Word or I missed one. Are there instances where the sentences can be a little smoother? Sure. But this is a good editorial and I'm glad it's out there. The ideas still come through. Writing is a process. The more we write, the better out writing becomes.

    Maybe you can lead by example? Do you have a blog of your own that high school students can refer to so they see some exemplar writing?

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    I think the focus should be on the message that our students are trying to send. As a writing teacher if I only focused on spelling and grammar with my students, they would not become the creative deep thinkers that they are today. We should look at spelling and grammar as a "clean up" of good writing after we have poured our heart out to compose a written message for others to enjoy. Even the best writers pay editors to help them "clean up" their work...

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    I completely agree with you. While students should have regular homework to practice the skills they learn during the day, their entire evening should not be consumed with hours and hours of work. What about family time? Sports? Exercise? Extra Curricular Activities? As a country aren't we worried about the obesity epidemic amongst our youth?

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