High School Art Is Underrated

High School Art Is Underrated
A perspective piece by Gabriel Fraga

Gabriel Fraga, Hancock High School Senior and Artist

As a child, I was always fascinated with art. I have always been attracted to creativity and the thought of making things happen. Imagination is the key element to creativity, and everyone knows imagination comes easy to children. I practiced art everyday. My father graduated from the American Art Institute of Chicago so the creativity already surrounded me. I learned the basics of drawing at a young age, giving me an early advantage.

Today, I am a senior. This is my third year having AP Art. So far, I did nothing but improve my skills. The people that view my art seem to enjoy my pieces, giving me compliments. My teacher, however, knows that I can improve. So instead of compliments, I get criticism. I understand the purpose of knowing where my weaknesses are.

Even though I enjoy the compliments, I cannot say they are what I draw for. My perspective may be different than others. I see art as just the opportunity, the opportunity to create something new. Art allows something to exist from my imagination. Each time I finish a drawing, I get this feeling of satisfaction and a feeling of being alive. I will not last forever but to know that a piece of mine will be viewed, to know that someone is looking at an image or a thought that I had in my head at one point in time makes me happy.

Art today is underrated. Technology has taken over the art industry. Without art of all types, culture will be lost. The foundation of one’s personality will be lost. Art is all around us. It allows us to remain calm in stressful times.

Students today should continue studying art to further their talents. People tend to feel that it isn’t as important as other classes. But I find that art helps develop character and allows an individual to find the person they are by realizing the things they like and don’t like.

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