Dear Rush Limbaugh,

Thank you for bringing to my attention that ‘The Black’ – as you so charmingly referred to our Commander in Chief on your January 23 show – is, in fact, not planning to leave in 2016.

In your rant (and I use rant in only the most complimentary way), you thoughtfully pronounced:

Hillary is waiting to be president, but it all depends on whether Obama will abdicate the throne. Will he leave the Oval Orifice in 2016?

So, just to be clear…

Are you suggesting that President Obama (if that’s even his real name) will disregard the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed in response to that left-leaning, do-nothing four-termer Franklin D. Roosevelt?  Are you suggesting, sir, that Mr. Obama will attempt to uproot an amendment passed in 1951?

This is terrifying.  In the balance of your carefully reasoned argument, you mention, well, you mention a great deal – from 50,000 Americans on food stamps, to Obama’s most ‘divisive’ acceptance speech in American history, to the ruling class circling the wagons, to news anchors protecting Dan Rather, to Hillary eating the ‘excrement sandwich’ of marrying Clinton –- that Hillary Clinton needs some well-deserved rest before her presidential bid in 2016…that is if Obama doesn’t follow the lead of the great British ruler Queen Elizabeth:

She'll head home, keep a little eye on Bill now just to make it look good, but basically she got a Get Out of Jail Free Card. Now it's time to take a look down the road at the future, make sure that all the ducks are in a row. Biden is no Obama. Taking Biden out is gonna be easy. Biden has run for president numerous times and never gotten close. He's getting all full of himself right now, but he's a sitting duck. So 2016 is waiting to happen, that is if Obama decides to abdicate. You know, Obama may not give up the crown, just like Queen Elizabeth.

 Her son, Prince Charles, has been hanging around waiting for almost 85 years here to become king, and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. The queen's mother lived to be a hundred years old. The queen's family lives a long time. For Prince Charles, every night's a charity dinner with Camilla. They go off here; they go off there. He's waiting. He's never gonna be king.

Poor Prince Charles!  But that’s beside the point.  But, really.  Poor Prince Charles!  Reduced to attending charity dinners with Camilla and jet setting around the globe.  He’ll never be able to bestow honors to dignitaries all by himself.  His is a bitter pill to swallow.

Let’s do the math.  President Obama is fifty-something, right?  That means, if he has a ticker like George Burns, he could rule for another 50 years.

Sure, the prospect of a 58-year Obama dictatorship is terrifying but what might be more terrifying is the prospect of a woman in the White House.

Let’s face it:  Hillary Clinton took absolutely no responsibility for the Benghazi attack.  Sure, during the hearing, she said, “As I have said many times since September 11, I take responsibility.  Nobody is more committed to getting this right.  I am determined to leave the State Department and our country safer, stronger, and more secure.”

But can we believe her?  Or is she simply having an attack of the hormones?

During his questioning of Clinton, Rand Paul, the Republican from Kentucky, made an excellent point:

I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility. I think that ultimately with your leaving, you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11, and I really mean that. Had I been president at the time and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post.”

Sounds like somebody’s gearing up for 2016!  And I’m not talking about his daddy’s fourth attempt at the presidency.

Rand says that the Benghazi affair was the worst tragedy since September 11, 2001.  Nothing, in his view, trumps this -- not the Newtown massacre or the Colorado movie theatre shooting or the thousands of kids in Chicago killed by gunfire in 2012.

But I’m getting off the point.

What can we do, as patriotic Americans, to head off this dictatorial power grab?  I, for one, will not sit idly while Obama gears up for another five decades.  I will stand with Rand Paul.  After all, he’s proposed maverick bills like Senate Bill 82, introduced on January 23, 2013, that, if passed, would assure that ‘any executive action infringing on the Second Amendment has no force or effect, and to prohibit the use of funds for certain purposes.’

In 2011, he introduced a bill to authorize the ‘interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.’

At least Rand is getting it right.  These are issues of utmost importance to our nation and our national security.

Stand with Rand Paul to defeat the Obama dictatorship or (gasp!) a Hillary administration.  Because, in the end, I’m not sure which scenario makes me shiver in my sensible pumps more:  The Woman or The Black.

Sincerely and with great admiration,

Your Greatest Admirer





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