My name is Joan Clare ("Clarie").  I have lived in Chicago Area all my life, and while I came from sunny LA at  the age of seven in 1968, I have really embraced Chicago, it's weather, it's people, and really do believe in that old song, "Sweet Home Chicago"

I believed Chicago was behind in the arts years ago, and very set in it's ways to change.  But that is all different now, I feel I was in that pack of animals of musicians and artists in Wicker Park in the early 1990's.  By having a ground roots movement in the arts, it has spead all over the city, and Chicago is now loving it's artists.

I attended Columbia College Chicago for Creative Writing

Internation School of Design and Technology for visual design and style

And I have studied Philosophy at UIC as a youngster

My main interest in life is Fine Art, but because of a disabilty that effects both physical and mental capacities. and the way your friends view you with the well known stigma of mental health problems, my life got a little curtailed.  On the blog I write for ChigagoNow, I work hard at dismissing those old stigmas, and putting art back in the center of my life.