The Long and Winding Road

Harassment issues again. When they say, hold on, high school is only 4 years of your life (in my case, 3), 4 years of your life is a looong time when you're a teenager. And the worse of the problem is, especially if you're a girl, you will meet up with these harassment issues time and again in the white collar world of work.

And it makes you more susceptible to trauma issues in the future. That is to say, if you are victim of violent crime later on in life, you will be more dangerously close to take on the symptoms of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. A mental illness that is formed in your life, not one you were born with. It's not for combat soldiers only. It's for battered spouses, abused children, political prisoners, and kidnapped people. If you think hard enough about it, when you're attending high school, all of these situations might apply.

It lives with you forever. In fact, if you were to do an "Inner Child" exercise, you might come up with a really angry child still beating the floors and walls of your insides like a padded room for the insane, let me out, let me out! I came across my seventh grade 12 year old, who I had not seen since 1973. I always thought seventh grade was just too boring to remember, but she told me, no, you forgot me here on purpose and I'm still a wreck. Which means you're still a wreck. A lot of her anger was from the continual harassment of the halls of Middle School in my hometown. But when I went back to look at myself , I could not see her, she was clouded over with an almost morphine like a stupor. I had one of the greatest top symptoms of PTSD: amnesia. Also known as a disassociation disorder. Your brain has a wonderful ability to forget all that crap in school, and move on in life, only to work it out in your dreams, in headaches, backaches. Believe me it will find a way to tell you, there is pain here you haven't dealt with.

My 12 year old came back to me with a song popular in the early '70's, the Beatles, "Long and Winding Road" She was trying tell me that I left her there years before.

works sited:

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