Crazy House: Further Adventures in Chicago, an into to Henry Darger, (1892-1973), Chicago Outsider Artist

Henry Darger's watercolors of his 7 Vivian Sisters are so unbelievable, so strange and unearthly like, that is not right to take a trip to Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art in Chicago where his work is on permanent display, and see it for yourself.

Trolling Art Chicago, when it was in it's golden era in early 2000, you cannot imagine how many incredible works of art from around the world there where in the small galleries of international dealers. (after 9/11, the international dealers stayed home). Art Chicago was so huge in those days, the art work was overwhelming. You had to take breaks, and then go back in to see what you missed. I walked by a large watercolor painting around 5 ft long and 2 ft high. It stopped me dead in my tracks. The artist was a Chicago born man, and his work almost erased even the highest price French masters, like Mondian.

It was a picture of 7 naked little girls that were transgender (?) running away from a castle in terror. They were the seven Vivian Girls who were fighting a child slave rebellion from the Glandelinians. They are the greatest 8 year old action heroines you never heard of. They faught this evil empire without weapons, merely their cunning and wit, and won, and freed all the child slaves.

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