Why I Quit Therapy, part 2 (Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?)*

The long time psychotherapy process probably means you're going to have a big change in character that might be uncovered from all your efforts. But that person may be who you  really are instead of the pretty hands in her lap princess, and  you take a turn for the worse, and become Godzilla. Your clinician may have created this monster, but has a little problem with it. Most especially if your manners have changed, and you spit on the her new carpet every time you're disgusted.

The personality clash may be minor at first. In my case, it started with rock 'n roll. How could any baby boomer not influenced by rock 'n roll? We were both boomers, but she was the kind who thought rock 'n roll was for the young, and jazz and classical were for the mature taste.

I often sited Hendrix as a depression breaker in my line up of how to cope with the unwanted mental illness. Then things became a little strained. I was sure Hendrix would wipe out my bad mood. (So were a lot of other people). For some people, he died young, and remained a 1960's joke. For the rest of us, well, he was never duplicated, not even close.

So, after years and years of getting along great, clinician rather took on that patronizing tone and body language, ok, we'll indulge you in your sixties era fantasy for now, until therapy makes you grow up for good.

All psychotherapy clients can catch on to that tone quit.

And catched on to it quit I did.

But that was only the beginning

*"Hey Joe", the Jimi Hendrix Experience


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