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The Daley Plaza

Everyone is naturally is attracted to the fountains at Daley Plaza in the summertime. But when I go, I have an express purpose to go there at lunch. I have an ingrained, some people might call morbid, superstition that if I throw enough pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters into one of the spring- like fountains,... Read more »

My Friend Tim

If “What Passes for Crazy” had a poster child it most certainly could be my old hometown friend Tim, who, like, died, eleven years ago, right after Thanksgiving early in his 40’s.. Tim was one of those 1970’s teenage kids from a rich home who spilt – or nowadays he would be thought as a... Read more »

4 Shots

Late winter morning in the Loop, which is like hell if you feel like 2 pints of blood was just drained out of you. Actually, you’ve been feeling way this for a long time. It also comes with a very bad headache and a very bad backache. You have a temp job, which merciful is easy... Read more »

Why I Quit Therapy, part 2 (Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?)*

The long time psychotherapy process probably means you’re going to have a big change in character that might be uncovered from all your efforts. But that person may be who you  really are instead of the pretty hands in her lap princess, and  you take a turn for the worse, and become Godzilla. Your clinician... Read more »

My Second Job is Selling Makeup

After all that intellectual education, I’ve settled on a part-time job selling makeup on the web. No, not Avon or Mary Kay, but a more precarious version of simply buying wholesale on one site and selling on another. It’s high end designer samples, travel size samples, and full size makeup and cleansing products. Retail: $50.00.... Read more »

Why I Quit Therapy, part 1

It’s true if you stay in the therapy, especially the intense kind of therapy I had, that is, hard driven weekly therapy, water meets its level, and the “crazy” charge will start to resignate in a way you did not want it. There’s an informal saying for this: “Angel Streeting’ or “Gaslighting”.  That is to say,  make a... Read more »