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Valentine's Day: DIY Edition

Growing up my Ma always made Valentines day into something extra special.  Whether it be hearts decorated all over the kitchen or a Valentine addressing party, there was always a bunch of love dumped into the day.  Now that I am an adult(wahhhh), I want to carry on the tradition even though I do think... Read more »

Katic Breads: A Little Piece of Heaven

Well it happened.  I relentlessly stalked the Katic booth, at the Lisle and Hinsdale farmers market, enough to get their contact information.  After the markets closed, I reached out to Dusan and somehow weaseled my way into their kitchen. As I walked into the bakery I was greeted by the warm sun peaking thru the... Read more »

Parkers' Pizza Party

Nestled alongside I-88 in Downers Grove, a western suburb of Chicago, lies Parkers’ Restaurant and Bar.  Once you make your way inside, it is immediately apparent why everyone raves about it.   The passion you feel when you are dining at Parkers’ is unlike anywhere else I have been lately and I’m just going to say... Read more »

Top Ways To Use Up Garden Veggies

I have a confession to make….I am a veggie hoarder.  It happens every year, my dad has a ginormous garden and we have a pretty big one and I always end up reaching that oh shit phase when I just have too much.  I know it’s all my fault, I just can’t say no to... Read more »

Amylu Sausages: Keepin the Summer Vibe Alive

So I know it sounds redundant and I am probably being overly dramatic, but I always get a little over-the-top when September begins and I know summer is coming to an end.  In all fairness I love fall, it’s just the snow word that I don’t get excited about.  Although it will soon be time to... Read more »

Blueberries: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

With the end of August quickly approaching, I can not help but go into panic mode.  With fall around the corner, fresh garden and market produce will soon be coming to an end.  One of my favorite nutrient-rich superstars, the blueberry, will sadly be missed.  I mean I’ll still buy them in winter but y’all... Read more »

Top Three Ways to Eat Eggs

Anyone hear of a lady named Hungry Girl?  Well, she’s kind of a big deal in the foodie world and I’m a long time fan.  One of my favorite things about her website is the Chew On This section which contains what foodie day it is and Monday was National Egg Day. Backstory:  I have this... Read more »

Valentines Day: Last Minute Edition

Raise your hand if you have yet to get a little something for your mom, grandma, or main squeeze for Valentine’s Day.  If you are anything like me you are scrambling around at the last minute because, well, that’s what we do.  Here are my top three ways to make it special, not break the... Read more »

6 Ways to Build a Better Salad

For the longest time I was a turkey sandy for lunch type of gal.  Day after day it was the same old thing and after while, the thought of it made me cringe.  As I sat and thought what was one thing that I could eat day in and day out and not get sick... Read more »

Lunch Date with the Future President

What if instead of basing your presidential election vote  on issues like debt, same sex marriage, and health care, we voted solely on food selection.  Who would you rather go on a lunch date with? Exhibit A: Kashi cereal, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and hummus -or- Exhibit B: Protein bars, chili, and trail mix... Read more »