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Rainy Day Eats: Sriracha Tortellini Soup

A gloomy and rainy day always screams one thing in my head when the “Whats for dinner?” question comes about.  In my household, rain equals soup.  What’s better on a rainy day than opening the windows and making a batch of soup in comfy clothes.  I guess a glass of wine can always make it... Read more »

Garden Gone Wild

Who else has reached the oh shit stage of gardening?  All of my plants are growing like crazy(thank you very much, rain), and I can hardly keep up.  What’s a girl to do with an abundance of veggies? Make chili. I’m hoping you’re like me and the thought of hot food doesn’t scare you away... Read more »

Are YOU A Seasonal Eater?

I am!  Not only are my eats influenced by my childhood but also the seasons.  In our house growing up, summers were for grilling and s’mores on the bonfire and cold winter days were for making soup. mm mmm good! Throw everything in the pot kind of soups were Dad’s specialty and I follow the same recipe.... Read more »