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OhMyF*ck Waffles at Wave

When I look back at on our one year anniversary(besides the time spent with my hubs obviously), one thing sticks out in my mind. Waffles from Wave.  I’ve never had anything quite light them.  Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside topped with caramelized bananas, pecans, real maple syrup and fresh whipped cream. By... Read more »

Overripe Banana: Pancake Edition

Ever look into your fruit bowl only to find the bananas you swore you just bought are already turning speckled?  What is the first thing that pops into your brain?  Whatever that was, say banana bread, erase it.  From now on everytime you lay eyes on an overripe naner, you’ll only think one thing…nanercake. Nanerwhhhhat?... Read more »

Jane the Bucktown Beauty

What draws you to a restaurant?  For me, curb appeal is where it’s at.  Sure recommendations are great but there is something special about getting a feeling about a place by  just driving by.  Ya know that feeling that something is pulling you in?  This is the story with Jane’s. Located on one of the... Read more »

Calling All Nut Lovers

So, where are my nut butter lovers out there? source I go thru peanut and almond butter like its my job and I get particularly excited when I notice it’s almost empty Wanna know why? I am head over heels with dumping hot oats into near empty jars.  The oats get the nut butter all melty... Read more »

The Child in Me

Don’t ya love foods that remind you of your childhood?  Nothing like my mommas peanut butter and jelly on good ol’ Butternut bread or or a big bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch.  Since I try to avoid white bread and sugar laden cereals in my daily eats, here are some healthified options that are kid-friendly.... Read more »

Not Yo Mama's Pancakes

Happy Sunday All!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend thus far.  Here is a recipe for all you pancake lovers out there that are trying to watch your waistline or made a resolution for a healthier 2012. Chocolate banana protein pancakes.  These pancakes have punch of protein that give you some staying power that boxed versions... Read more »

On the 3rd Day of Cookies

My true love made for me… butterscotch chocolate chip cookies. I was handed down the chocolate chip cookie recipe from my friends mom and on a whim last year I threw in the butterscotch chips and crossed my fingers.  Moist delicious butterscotch chocolate heaven is what came out of the oven. Makes 4 dozenish cookies... Read more »

Made Fresh Daily

Breakfast was glorious.  As we all basked in our hungover states, we frantically searched for somewhere to eat. Chefs Feed app to the rescue! After scrolling through several different prospects, we(by “we” I mean I not me) landed on The Bristol.  The atmosphere was warm and cozy and exactly what we needed after a long night out.  I loved the industrial looking lighting and huge chalkboard wall. I... Read more »