Valentine's Day: DIY Edition

Growing up my Ma always made Valentines day into something extra special.  Whether it be hearts decorated all over the kitchen or a Valentine addressing party, there was always a bunch of love dumped into the day.  Now that I am an adult(wahhhh), I want to carry on the tradition even though I do think it's a total Hallmark, money maker holiday.  It's still fun to spend some extra time with your loved ones.  Not to mention wine and chocolate are usually involved. Just saying.   Now for the DIYs...

-Sweet treats

Melt vanilla almond bark and dip berry flavored Oreos and strawberry wafer cookies.  Pop in the freezer to set.  Another option is to make snowballs but instead of dipping them in crushed candy canes, roll them in crushed Vday colored M&Ms.

-Candy bar

Simply display seasonal candy in mason jars and heart shaped bowls.  Throw in some festive napkins and lace paper doilies and you are good to go.  This is perfect for a party or just to set out for your family.  Not only is this freaking adorable, your guests will have a blast scoping out what types of candy is up for grabs.

-Wine and dine

I will admit the only thing I really know about wine is that there is red and white and I like them both.  Oh and that you are supposed to swirl and sniff it or something.  Needless to say, here is where I called in the professionals.  The kind folks at Aril Wines shared a few of their paring ideas like serving red wine with rich cheese platters, any pasta dish, and of course chocolate.   You can never go wrong with wine and chocolate.

Hope you enjoyed these little DIY projects and whatever your plans include, I hope it's with those you love.



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