Katic Breads: A Little Piece of Heaven

Well it happened.  I relentlessly stalked the Katic booth, at the Lisle and Hinsdale farmers market, enough to get their contact information.  After the markets closed, I reached out to Dusan and somehow weaseled my way into their kitchen.

As I walked into the bakery I was greeted by the warm sun peaking thru the windows and bouncing off the flour dusted floors as Dusan and Carissa worked side by side rolling out croissant dough in the building Dusan grew up in.

What started off as a quick trip out to visit the bakery quickly turned into a few hours as we delved deep and spoke about our upbringings, passions, and, of course, food.  Not only do we share the same love of making people feel good thru food, we also share the same passion for quality food.  The croissants are crafted from the best of the best organic ingredients and no nasty preservatives are needed since they are baked freshly every morning before being delivered to the various farmers markets they serve.

As we rolled up the croissants one by one an overwhelming feeling of love, pride and passion surrounded us, and without a doubt you can taste all of those things when you sink your teeth into these little pieces of heaven.

Almond Croissants<--my fave!

Not gonna lie, after I found out Carissa was the mastermind the almond filling, I wanted to arm wrestle Dusan for her.  It's just so heavenly.

Be sure to Like them on Facebook to see which markets they are selling at.  Oh and you better get up early because they sell out quick!



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