Thanksgiving Leftovers: Salsa Verde Turkey Enchiladas

Have you hit the I can't eat any more leftover turkey sandwiches wall yet?  If you are like me and the thought of another sandwich makes ya want to cry, I have a recipe for you.  Enter turkey enchiladas.  Initially I thought I'd go the more traditional route and use my turkey in a soup but when the hubs had Mexican food on the brain, my mind went directly to enchies.


The end result was a guilt free, creamy, hot dish loaded with tangy tomatillos and fresh cilantro.  Not to mention very inexpensive and crazy easy.


-one chopped yellow onion

-one tablespoon minced garlic

-four cups salsa verde(I used a combination of Trader Joes and La Victoria)

-one cup non fat greek yogurt

-four cups shredded turkey

-one cup shredded chihuahua cheese

-half cup fresh cilantro

-twelve corn tortillas


-Saute onions and garlic in EVOO until tender

-Add salsa verde

-Remove from heat and add yogurt, turkey, half of the cheese and half of the cilantro

-Coat the bottom of a large baking dish with approximately half a cup of mixture and reserve two cups of the mixture for the top

-Fill the center of each tortilla with about 3 tablespoons of mixture and roll, placing seam side down

-Top enchies with remaining sauce, cheese and cilantro

-Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes or until cheese is slightly browned

Hope you enjoy!





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